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Building A Greenhouse Plans Tips

Ebook Building A Greenhouse Plans Tips

When building the greenhouse, it is important to make all efforts to ensure that the artificial environment you are creating inside should be maintained with as little variation as possible, so you would be able to extend the growing season of your plants or start seedlings as well as cuttings early. I am sure you are already aware of how a greenhouse works. It must allow sunrays to come through the glazing as best as possible and then retain their heat inside the canopy of the greenhouse to maintain warmth for the plants to thrive in. Anything you can do to keep the warmth inside when the outside temperatures are nose-diving is going to make your greenhouse more effective.

What can you do at the building stage itself to ensure that your greenhouse retains as much heat as it can? For one, certain materials are poor conductors of heat and would serve you well if you face very short summers and long cold winters. Wood is a great choice in this scenario. PVC would not withstand the heavy load of snow in case some accumulates on the roof. Also, wood would not expand or contract with variation in temperature, so all sealing that you do between the glazing and the frame is going to remain tight.

Another thing to think about: a hoop house needs to be securely anchored in a windy region so it won’t take off with a strong gust of wind! Here, you have to really make all efforts to provide as tight a seal as you can to prevent wind gusts from entering and heat from leaking out. A good way to test for potential leaks is to hold an incense stick at the joints where the glazing and frame meet. The white or colored smoke will easily help you identify if there are any leaks!

If you are in an area that is prone to hail storms, you want a shatter-proof glazing material with high impact value. Will glass do? No way! How about polyethylene? Not so good. So, what material should you be using? If you have done your research you would be telling me that polycarbonate would be the best choice. Right you are!
When you are out to build your greenhouse, be smart about choosing the materials you use. Think about the unique weather and climatic conditions you face in your region. Make your choices accordingly based on what materials and designs would be most suitable.

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